Ephemeral watercolor paintings by Norton Wisdom on a fiberglass canvas as Ireesh Lal plays an eclectic set of electronic & world music while improvising on trumpet and synths. Neel Agrawal joins playing tabla and percussion.


Ireesh Lal is a multi-instrumentalist and programmer who combines original electronic music with exotic East Indian elements alongside the distinctly Western tones of the jazz trumpet, creating a captivating new sound. Based in Venice, California, Lal sites Thievery Corporation, Miles Davis, and Ravi Shankar as three of his influences, and you can hear traces of each artist in his music. Built on top of brisk programmed grooves made irresistible with lush Eastern dimensions of tabla and sitar, Lal lays down commanding trumpet lines to convey the melodies, taking the lead amongst the cool, heady swirl of each tune.  

108 College & Community radio stations across North America added his music. Latest album, Journey Through the Chakras, reached #4 on the NACC Top 30 World Music Charts. National Public Radio featured his music on PRI's "The World".

Ireesh Lal is also a founding member of LA-based trio, Lal Meri. His debut release with the band on Six Degrees Records (2009) received positive critical acclaim, including a feature on National Public Radio’s "All Things Considered" and Public Radio International’s "The World". Influential radio station, KCRW, also invited the group to perform live on its program, "Morning Becomes Eclectic". Music from Lal Meri can be heard on Buddha Bar compilation, volume 12.   


 Album Credits:

Ireesh Lal - Trumpet, Programming

Rajib Karmakar - Sitar

Satnam Ramgotra - Tabla

Melvin Brannon - Bass

Martin Pradler - Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer

This is where I imagine Miles Davis would be sounding like if he was still around today” - El Guero Unico

— The Global Bass Experience


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